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Best Pajamas for Women: Build Your Dream PJ Wardrobe

Changing out of our day clothes and putting on comfy pajamas is one of life's little pleasures. Trading rigid denim for flexible waistbands and tailored button-ups for flowy tops, who could resist? Now take a moment to dream about your perfect pajama wardrobe. Not only should it encapsulate the time you’re asleep, but also the countless pajama-approved hours of your life. Indulging in self-care morning routines, feeling comfortable when out-of-town guests stay the night, along with many other relatable moments. The best pajamas for women are first and foremost comfortable, but functionality is just as important. After we’ve had a long day, we want our sleepwear to have our back—literally and figuratively.

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> women’s model laying on couch wearing purple satin camisole and white floral wide-leg pants.

Best Pajamas for Women: 6 Essential Styles

With versatility in mind, we’ve compiled six essential sleep styles to help kickstart the ultimate pajama collection. We’re talking breathable materials, nursing-friendly shirts for midnight feedings, mix-and-match sets that add miles to your styles, and more. We need items that cater to our every mood. Some moments we want to feel especially pretty and other times, comfort is our number one priority. When it comes to finding the best pajamas for us women, variety is the answer. Curl up on the couch and grab a mug of cozy chamomile tea because your softest—and most useful—sleepwear awaits you.

1. Matching Pajamas

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> women's model wearing matching blue collared short-sleeve button-up pajama top and shorts.
Cool Nights® Short Sleeve Notch Collar Top

There’s nothing more classic than a pair of matching collared pajamas. They’re truly ideal for all ages and stages of life. Calling all mamas or moms-to-be, are you on the hunt for the best nursing pajamas? If so, look for a pair like the Cool Nights® Short Sleeve Notch Collar Top that features a convenient button-front style. Not only will it allow for easy access during the night, but you’ll feel fashion-forward wearing it with the coordinating shorts.

Style Tip: Coordinating sets are a fun pick when you’re looking for matching best friend pajamas for slumber parties or bachelorette celebrations. Go matchy-matchy in the same color or have each friend pick their favorite hue. Either way, you’ll be sure to fiesta and siesta in style.

2. A Snooze-Worthy Sleepshirt

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> women's model wearing a white and black floral short-sleeve sleep shirt.
Cool Nights® Short Sleeve Sleepshirt

Let’s keep it real ladies, we all perspire, and our clothes can either help or hinder the sweat-uation. When searching for the best pajamas for night sweats, selecting the right material is crucial. Keep an eye out for breathable fabrics like the Cool Nights® Short Sleeve Sleepshirt made with lightweight rayon fibers. The cool-to-the-touch material won’t stick to your body. That is a win-win for those humid summer nights. Comfy sleepshirts land on our list of the best pajamas for women because they're truly an effortless piece. Simply toss one on over a pair of panties, shorts, or boxers and call it a night.

3. Mix + Match Sleep Sets

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> women’s model sitting on a bench wearing grey leggings and an oversized grey T-shirt.
Cool Nights + Days Legging Set

Fashion alert—your sleepwear should make your life easier. How, you ask? The best women’s pajama sets are effortless as a duo so you don’t have to think twice when reaching in your PJ drawer. However, it doesn’t stop there. A truly stellar set can seamlessly mix and match with other items you already own to instantly multiply your lounge outfit options. Take the guessing out of the dressing game with a no-brainer pairing like the Cool Nights + Days Legging set. The super soft ribbed leggings will go with most anything and tuck into fuzzy socks and tall slippers with ease. The oversized tee ticks the box as a contender for the best maternity pajamas since the silhouette can grow with you.

4. An Everyday Robe

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> women’s model wearing a black, pink, and green floral robe.
Cool Nights® Short Robe

No pajama wardrobe is complete without a trusty robe. They come in handy when we roll out of bed, get out of the shower, or whenever we want a little extra coverage. Plush robes are cozy in the cold months but what do you reach for when the temps start to rise? Wrap yourself in a breezy robe like the Cool Nights® Short Robe that’ll cover you up without overheating you. Bonus—it has convenient side pockets to hold tissues, ear plugs, hair ties, or any nighttime essentials you could need. 

5. A Not-So-Basic Tank Top

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> women’s model wearing navy shorts and a navy tank top.
Cool Nights® V-neck Cami

Tank tops, T-shirts, and camisoles—oh my. We all need basics in our closets since they’re often the glue that pulls an outfit together. However, we encourage you to expect more from the tanks and tees in your pajama rotation. Seek out styles that save you time and offer a personalized fit. The Cool Nights® V-neck Cami has adjustable straps and a built-in shelf bra so you can feel extra secure in your intimates. Plus, you don’t have to worry about wearing a regular bra, making it one less step for you to worry about. Trust us, this wardrobe workhorse will elevate your comfort level and help you build the best pajama collection ever. 

Style Tip: Transfer this tank to the daytime by layering it under your fave cardigan and skip the extra straps thanks to its built-in bra.

6. Comfortable Lingerie

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> women’s model wearing red chemise with lace bust.
Cool Nights® Soft Support Chemise

Remember when we mentioned how it’s important to have clothing items that match our every mood? Queue the moment you want your pajamas to help you feel flirty and give you a boost of femininity. Are you stumped on what to wear? Whether you’re snuggling with a partner or simply catching some solo Z’s, go for a lacy number. Don’t worry gals, gone are the days where all lace is scratchy and bothersome. The Cool Nights® Soft Support Lace Chemise is equal parts sexy and comfortable. With that said, there’s no need to sacrifice one for the other. The soft lace is delicate on the skin and will aid in an elegant night’s sleep—ooh la la.

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