When women
support women,
good things happen.

Join Soma and our partners in
giving self-esteem to women
facing domestic violence or homelessness.

Donate new or gently worn bras
in Soma boutiques July 11-August 7, and
save on a bra (or two!) for you.

$10 OFF


$20 OFF




Step 1

Open your lingerie drawer and
take out those bras you never wear.

Step 2

Give your gently worn bras new purpose. Bring them to your boutique, and then save on a new bra or two for you.

Step 3

Feel warm and fuzzy all over, knowing that this simple act will help a woman in need feel empowered and beautiful.

Or learn how to make
a cash donation here

Every Bra Has
A Story

See how donated bras have made a difference for these real survivors.


Already a survivor of domestic violence, Jenny, a mother of four,
was walking near her home when she was kidnapped. The stranger sexually
assaulted her and left her in a field, unconscious. When she awoke,
she was seen at the hospital, and then taken to her local NNEDV shelter.


At first, Valerie was a happy, optimistic newlywed and new mother.
"He put me on a pedestal. Things were great," she says. Little by little though,
the adulation gave way to control, and the control, to violence.

Our Partnership

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, and survivors often arrive at shelters
with just the clothes on their backs. These women in need rely on donated items to get back on their feet. When we heard
bras were the most needed, yet least donated item of clothing, we had to help.

In July 2010, we set out on a mission to make a difference by collecting bras for these women in need.
We partnered with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, the leading voice for survivors with more than
2,000 affiliated shelters across the country, and the bras we collect have been making a difference
for women in local communities ever since.

In 2017, we expanded our outreach to include the I Support the Girls organization. Inspired by Soma’s Bra Donation
in 2015, I Support the Girls founder Dana Marlowe began to collect bras and hygiene products for women staying in
homeless shelters. We are honored to help Dana restore dignity and self-respect to homeless women across
North America by donating a portion of the bras we collect to her organization.

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