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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Transforming your bathroom into a haven of tranquility can help you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. By exploring several spa bathroom ideas, you can reimagine your bathroom space to promote relaxation. With function, comfort, and style in mind, you can turn your bathroom into a home spa.

Lit candles, bath salts, soap, and flowers sitting on a wooden bath rack on a bathtub.

From upgrading your shower experience to adding touches of nature, each step is designed to create a personalized retreat within your home. As we explore spa-like bathroom ideas, you’ll learn how to transform your space into a personal oasis so you can relax more, sleep better, and thrive in your own environment.

  • What Is Spa Bathroom Decor?

  • 12 Spa Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

  • Transform Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

What Is Spa Bathroom Decor?

Spa bathroom decor can include neutral colors, soft lighting, plants, comfortable seating, luxurious textures, and more. Basically, you want to emulate the interior design and decor of a spa but at home.

Incorporating relaxing and tranquil decor can help you turn your bathroom into a spa. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a few key improvements can make.

An unlit candle sitting on a stack of three dark yellow folded candles surrounded by green leaves.

12 Spa Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

The key to spa bathroom decor and design is creating a space that promotes relaxation and well-being. Following these tips can help you elevate your home restroom into a personal escape. 

As you think about how you incorporate these tips, make sure to customize each element of your spa bathroom to suit your personal preferences while maintaining the overall spa-inspired concept.

Here are our top twelve tips for how to turn your bathroom into a spa:

1. Upgrade Your Shower Head

Marble-tile shower with silver shower heads, hanging pot, and lush green hanging plants.

Invest in a high-quality shower head with luxury settings. Simulate the luxurious feel of spa showers at home by choosing a shower head with a rainfall or massaging feature. 

A rainfall shower head provides a gentle and calming water flow for enhanced relaxation. If you’re all about mood lighting, consider a showerhead with lighting options to set the mood.

Try out a handheld showerhead for added flexibility and convenience, and be sure to choose a finish that complements your bathroom decor to add to the home spa ambiance. 

2. Add a Bathtub Rack

Wooden bath rack with jarred skincare, purple candle, glass vase with lavender sprigs, and rolled white towel.

Adding a bathtub rack provides both convenience and style. Easily store bath essentials such as bath salts, a book, a glass of wine, or candles to make bath time more enjoyable. A bath rack is a practical accessory that makes it easier for you to set up your home spa. 

When choosing a rack, make sure that it can span the width of your bathtub. Many have adjustable sides, so it should be fairly easy. You also want to ensure that it’s made of water-resistant materials—bamboo and steel are popular choices.

3. Introduce Some Greenery

Bathroom counter with black tray holding a candle, soaps and lotions, and two crystal glasses sitting next to a potted plant.

You want to add elements that bring a sense of calmness and serenity to your atmosphere. Plants add a natural and refreshing touch to the bathroom, creating a connection to nature. Putting greenery in your spa bathroom can also improve air quality. 

Choose low-maintenance plants that add to the ambiance without requiring too much attention. Placing small potted plants on countertops or shelves adds a nice touch of green throughout your bathroom. 

4. Hang Art or a Mirror

Wooden framed mirror hung on a wall above a shelf with a metal tray, perfume bottle, candle, and vase with flowers inside.

Serene doesn’t have to mean all-white everything. Find art that embodies the peaceful aura you’re going for. Art can enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom and complement your personal style. 

Opt for soothing, understated, or nature-inspired artwork to bring zen to your bathroom. Moisture-resistant frames keep your artwork protected and intact in bathroom environments. When choosing artwork for a small space, keep in mind that less is more. If you’re trying to make your space appear larger, a mirror in lieu of artwork is a great option.

5. Cozy Accents

Woven basket holding a grey fuzzy blanket and off-white crochet pillow sitting next to an open glass bottle and potted plant.

Elevate your spa bathroom decor by investing in high-quality, luxury fabrics. Not only do soft fabrics increase comfort, but they also add a touch of sophistication. 

Incorporate luxury fabrics in your bathroom decor for an all-around lavish experience. Invest in high-quality shower curtains with an elegant drape to make your bathroom feel more upscale. 

6. Invest in Luxury Fabrics

A view of a building and greenery through a window sill decorated with sheer white curtains.

Elevate your spa bathroom decor by investing in high-quality, luxury fabrics. Not only do soft fabrics increase comfort, but they also add a touch of sophistication. 

Incorporate luxury fabrics in your bathroom decor for an all-around lavish experience. Invest in high-quality shower curtains with an elegant drape to make your bathroom feel more upscale. 

7. Swap Your Bath Mat for Bamboo

Bamboo bath mat sitting on tile flower next to a grey folded towel.

Bamboo mats provide a spa-like aesthetic, are eco-friendly, and resist moisture. They pair well with natural elements such as potted plants and neutral colors. 

Go for a bamboo bath mat with a non-slip backing that fits your bathroom space. This will add a unique feel to your home spa.

8. Keep the Color Scheme Airy

A bathroom with concrete and tile walls and flooring with a freestanding bathtub sitting on a bed of white river rock next to a towel rack, plant, and toiletries.

Avoid color schemes and decor that are overly stimulating or bold. A spa-like aesthetic is achieved through light, neutral colors that create a sense of openness and tranquility. 

Soft blues, greens, whites, or earth tones promote serenity and calmness. Stick to a consistent color palette for a cohesive and chic look. Accentuate neutral tones with small pops of color in your artwork or accessories. 

9. Organize to Reduce Clutter

Wooden bathroom vanity with marble countertop, two sinks, nine drawers, organized towels, wicker basket, and decor.

When you’re trying to figure out how to turn your bathroom into a spa, the number-one rule is to keep things simple.

A clutter-free environment reduces stress and promotes relaxation. If your bathroom is unorganized or overwhelming, it can prevent you from remaining calm. 

To reduce clutter in your bathroom, use storage baskets or bins to organize toiletries. Consider built-in storage solutions or floating shelves to improve organization. 

10. Update Your Towel Storage

Wooden bath stool with storage for towels, white towels folded underneath, and white towels rolled and organized on top.

Neatly organized towels contribute to a tidy and spa-inspired bathroom. Incorporate open shelving or towel racks for easy access. Coordinating towel colors with your color scheme keeps every spa-like element cohesive.

For an added touch of luxury, roll your towels for a more aesthetically pleasing display.

11. Get Relaxing Amenities

Dark pink glass soap dispenser and container with lid sitting on a bathroom counter next to a light pink rolled towel.

Give yourself the full spa treatment by adding relaxing amenities, like:

  • Luxury dispensers for your toiletries 

  • Heated floor mats

  • Hanging eucalyptus

  • Water-resistant blue-tooth speaker

  • Bath bombs and shower fizzes

  • Bidet

Why not take your at-home spa experience to the next level? Pamper yourself with cozy slippers and a luxurious robe for total comfort. Investing in high-quality plush robes and slippers improves your comfort and allows you to relax in style. 

12. Add Aromatherapy Elements

Wooden shelf displaying a black aromatherapy diffuser, small bottles of essential oils, and glass soap dispenser.

Aromatherapy contributes to a sensory-rich spa experience. Elements such as scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or incense create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. 

Choose calming scents like eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood. Experiment with different scents based on your personal preferences. 

Transform Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

Transforming your bathroom into a luxurious, relaxing space involves more than just aesthetics. You want to take a holistic approach to creating a space that nourishes your senses and rejuvenates both your body and soul. Don’t forget about what you’re wearing too. Turn to sumptuous terry cloth, cozy towel wraps, and feathery soft pajamas to bring the resort feel to your home. Created for comfort and style, our sleepwear collection adds an extra element of luxury to your home sanctuary. 

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> model sitting on an outdoor lounge chair, wearing a white spa robe, hair wrap, and slippers

By implementing thoughtful touches like these twelve spa bathroom ideas, you can turn your evening and morning routines into moments of elevated self-care.