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Top 3 Bras Comfy Enough to Sleep In

Are you searching for more support from your sleepwear, specifically from your bra? If you feel like you need a bit more containment at night, a sleep bra is the way to go. To some, the thought of sleeping with a bra on might not sound appealing—we get it—but these aren’t your typical bras. Sleep bras are specifically designed for sleep-time comfort. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to wearing a sleep bra (a lot of myths too but more on this later).

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> model wearing a light grey ribbed cardigan and matching sleep bralette.

Especially when you’re going through body changes, having that boost of support while you snooze can make a big difference. When you find the right one, you’ll be surprised by how comfy they are. You might even forget you’re wearing anything at all.

Not sure how to choose a sleep bra that’s right for you? We’re diving into the perks of a sleep bra, different types, and even panties to wear with them. Take a peek at your top drawer and review your current assortment. You might already have a bra comfy enough to sleep in! If not, we’ve got a handful of great suggestions coming your way.

What is a Sleep Bra?

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So, what exactly is a sleep bra? Sleep bras are simply soft bras that are comfy enough to sleep in. It’s that simple. After a long day, the first thing many women want to do is take off their bra. Sound familiar? So if you’re putting one on to go to bed, it must be unbelievably comfortable. Sleep bras are usually lightweight, minimal in design, and nonrestrictive. You should be able to put it on and forget about it.   

Benefits of Sleeping in a Bra

Sleeping with a bra on comes down to personal choice and maximizing your comfort level. With comfort in mind, there are a few benefits to wearing a bra to bed. While women of all shapes and sizes can wear a bra to bed, they greatly impact larger cup sizes. They’re likely to experience unwanted hanging and tugging especially when moving sleep positions. A sleep bra can help hold everything in place throughout the night.

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> models wearing a light pink maternity bralette, showing the functional strap clips.

Are you going through any sort of hormonal shift that causes tenderness, such as breastfeeding for example? If you’re someone who doesn’t normally wear a bra, you might find you need one in postpartum due to body changes. A sleep bra made for breastfeeding can be a major game changer when it comes to reducing friction and absorbing excess moisture. Milk leaks are a real thing. Wearing a wireless maternity bra with removable nursing pads to bed can help prevent your pajamas and sheets from getting wet as well.  

Myths About Sleeping in a Bra

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Now that you know some of the benefits of sleeping in a bra, let’s call out some common myths as well. Again, sleeping in a bra is mostly for comfort purposes. There are rumors that wearing a bra to bed can offer a boost or even hinder your natural shape, but they’re just old wives tales. Here are three myths about sleeping in a bra that have no scientific evidence to back it up:

  • Prohibits breast growth

  • Prevents sagging

  • Makes them perkier

All of the above are either affected by an individual’s hormones, genetics, or life experiences such as pregnancy, smoking, huge weight fluctuations, etc. So there’s no need to stress about whether you choose to wear a bra to bed or not! 

What Types of Bras Should You Sleep In?

Still unsure about how to choose a sleep bra? Not all bras worthy of sleeping in are overtly called out as sleep bras so you’ll want to know what to look out for. Bras for sleeping are most often bralettes without any seams, wires, or hardwear. Think minimal or no clasps or hooks. The last thing you want to do is pull or tug at your bra throughout the night, so it should feel like a second skin. You’ll also want to get properly fitted for a sleep bra. We highly encourage going in for an expert fitting or finding your correct size at home.

If you’re confident in your size, take a peek at our top three favorite bras for sleeping in.

Made-for-Sleep Bralette

From our Lightweight Rib collection of pajamas, this bralette is insanely soft and designed for sleep. It truly feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. It's double layered for a secure fit and added coverage. The shirring on the side provides ultimate comfort, stretch, and slight shape. Easily create a complete pajama look by layering other pieces from the collection.

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> model wearing a dark pink ribbed sleep bra.

Fun Fact: This product contains Naia, a fully traceable, biobased fiber responsibly sourced from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests and produced in a closed-loop process in the United States. As a result, Naia brings nature to fashion with sustainably managed resources; high safety, social, and environmental standards; and a low environmental impact.

Nonrestrictive Seamless Bralette

For lounging, layering, and sleeping in, this pull-on seamless bralette is a winner. On top of the wire-free, closure-free, no-dig design, the fabric stretches in all directions. This 4-way stretch results in a nonrestrictive feel so you can comfortably sleep in any position your heart desires. 

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> model wearing a seamless, wireless bralette in black and in white.

Fun Fact: It comes in a 2-pack so you can stock up with ease and always have another one on hand. 

Cloud-Soft Enbliss® Bralette

If you’re on the hunt for a sleeping bra that gives a bit more support, turn to a bralette from our line of Enbliss® bras. Our cloud-soft collection of wire-free support includes a V-neck bralette made with brushed soft fabric that you can sleep easy in. Customize your shape with removable cups and find support with the wide, soft banded bottom. 

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> models wearing soft wireless bralettes in dark blue, nude, and dark pink.

Fun Fact: Our famous Enbliss® bras are #1 for a reason. Don’t take our word for it, hear why people love this bralette:

"Best bra I have ever worn. I don't feel like I am wearing a bra! Soft, comfortable, supportive and not tight like an underwire bra." — Sala, MA
"Literally the best bra to ever exist. I hate bras and I love this bra. Comfortable, supportive, and you can't feel it under clothes (my biggest pet peeve). Wish I had this years ago." —Myles, AR

What Bras Should You Not Sleep In?

When it comes to bras you shouldn’t sleep in, avoid any that could possibly cause discomfort. A bra with any sort of structure, from underwires to padded cups, can get uncomfy real quick. Also any bras that are too big or too small will move around or dig into your skin while you snooze. Lastly, just like all of your intimates, it’s important to keep your bras for sleeping in good condition. Cleaning them on a regular basis with essential bra care habits will help prevent oil and dirt build up that can lead to skin irritation. 

Make it a Match: Best Panties to Sleep In

We couldn’t talk about the best bras to sleep in without also mentioning the best types of panties to sleep in. Similar to sleep bras, you’ll want panties that are comfortable, breathable, and nonrestrictive. Take a peek at our top three panty picks for sleeping in and put a bow on your sleep wardrobe needs.

Nonrestrictive Seamless Panties

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> model wearing a black bralette and matching brief panties.

Just like our Seamless Bralettes, these panties will ensure you never feel restricted by your first layer again. They’re super stretchy and super comfy with 4-way stretch fabric and a no-dig waistband for maximum comfort. So if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, these panties are for you.

Breathable Cotton Modal Panties

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> models wearing cotton boyshort panties in pink and in blue and white poka dot.

Our range of Cotton Modal panties are made from a breathable, luxuriously soft fabric blend that makes them perfect not only for an everyday panty, but also a sleep panty. Easily wear the boyshorts silhouette under an oversized tee or a cozy sleepshirt for a prime bedtime outfit. 

Cloud-Soft Enbliss® Panties

Soma<sup class=st-superscript>®</sup> models wearing soft brief panties in light grey and in navy.

Lastly, who could say no to wearing panties to bed that are cloud-soft and so smooth. Match them back to the Enbliss® Bralette for a cute coordinating set you’ll love to sleep in. 

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