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Common Bra Care Mistakes You May Be Guilty Of

You invested in good, supportive bras. Now you need to take care of them! How (and how often) you wash, and even how you store your bras can make or break their lifespan. Below, we’ve put together a few simple tips to help keep your bras in their best shape. Here are some of the most common bra mistakes we see that are really easy to solve.

DON’T invert your bra cups. DO lay your bras flat.

The most common misconception about storing bras is to fold one cup inside of the other. Don’t do it! This method will permanently crease your cups and break down the fibers in the fabric. Instead, cascade them. This will help your bras maintain their shape, and keep them organized. Laying your bras flat may take up a little more space in your drawer but it goesa long way in maintaining the life of your bras.

DON’T just throw bras in the washer. DO use a lingerie bag.

Ever throw your bras in the washer and take them out only to find mangled straps and twisted backs? Stop the madness! Before washing, fasten your bras so the hooks won’t get stuck on the mesh and shorten the straps. Then, put them in a lingerie bag to keep them good as new. Make sure your washer is set to gentle cycle and use cold water. Bonus tip: lingerie bags are large enough for bathing suits, panties, socks, and even kids’ clothing, too! We also recommend hand washing your bras in cool water so you can thoroughly and gently clean them while also being able to inspect them for any issues.

DON’T wash your bras with everyday detergent. DO use lingerie wash.

Ever pour regular detergent on your foundations, just like you would with T-shirts and jeans? Um, no. Regular detergent is designed to make fabrics soft, which can break down fibers in the fabric. That’s precisely what we don’t want for our bras, as they need to keep their shape. Instead, use an ounce of lingerie wash, good for any delicates. The ingredients in the wash aren’t as harsh as those found in regular detergent. Nice. Also, many detergents are loaded with scents and other additives which hurt the performance of the bra's materials. You want your bras to breath the best they can and many of these detergents clog the pores of the fabric. If you do not have access to a bra detergent or lingerie wash we recommend a clear detergent that is loaded with softeners, scents, and other unknowns. These types of laundry detergents work well with cool water and are also better for your skin and your bras/

DON’T put bras in the dryer. DO air dry your bras!

Hanging your bras to air dry is the safest way to ensure your bras keep their original shape and last longer. The intense heat from a machine dryer can cause damage to your bras and affect the fit. Many fabrics like polyester are made from forms of extremely high heat can melt them and cause them to be scratchy, not as soft, and of course not as comfortable. Nobody wants a scratchy and itchy feeling bra! We recommend hanging your bras on a wooden clothes hanger and not bunched up on a door knob. You can also use a drying rack if you do not have the space for hanging your bras and most important be creative and do what you need to do to protect your bra wardrobe.

DON’T forget to make it fun!

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of taking care of your bras, have some fun with it! Organize them in a way that makes sense to you, whether it’s by color or how often you wear them. Your bra drawer and wardrobe is a staple in your style and fashion so take care of them and they will take care of you!