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A Guide on How to Fold Underwear Like a Pro

Have you ever wanted to fine-tune your tidying skills but don’t know where to begin? We recommend that you start small. When organizing your intimates, the last thing you might consider is how to fold underwear. The thought of learning how to fold women's underwear may seem silly, but it’s a great place to start on your tidying journey and it’ll optimize the space in your dresser drawer. 

The right folding technique can redefine your morning routine and streamline the way you get dressed as a whole. So, how do you fold underwear for optimal organization and ease?

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Underwear may seem simplistic in nature, but there are many different styles to consider before you get started. Not all pairs of underwear should be folded in the same manner. Learning a variety of different folding techniques will have you folding underwear like a pro in no time, and we’re here to help!

  • 5 Ways to Fold Your Underwear

  • Do You Need to Fold Your Underwear?

  • Revamp Your Panty Drawer

5 Ways to Fold Your Underwear

Who knew there are at least five ways to organize your intimates? When it comes to folding underwear, it's important to take different underwear styles into consideration before you begin. Because underwear comes in different shapes, sizes and materials, there may be a specific method that is just right for your preferred style. 

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Choosing the appropriate folding method will help you to maximize the amount of space you save, whether you’re storing your underwear in a traditional wardrobe or in an individual drawer. 

Here are some of our favorite folding techniques:

1. The Rolling Method

Learning how to fold underwear into rolls can be life-changing, especially if you are someone who prefers space-saving techniques when it comes to your wardrobe. This is ideal for packing your travel essentials in a suitcase too! The simple roll can be completed by:

  1. Lay your preferred pair of panties flat, facing upward and toward you. 

  2. Smooth them out, removing wrinkles and creases as best as possible. 

  3. Once the panties are properly flattened, fold one side of the pair towards the center.

  4. Fold the opposite side over the center, creating a slight square or rectangle shape. 

  5. Grab the waistband of the pair of underwear and begin rolling it toward the crotch area. 

When rolling, do so as tightly as possible to keep your panties from coming undone once you are finished.

2. The Rectangle Method

Do you like to fold your panties rather than rolling them up? If so, learning the square method is a must. To use the square method of folding underwear, complete the following steps: 

  1. Lay the pair of panties you intend to fold facing upward and toward you on a flat surface. Flatten the underwear—including the small pocket in panties—to remove wrinkles and creases.

  2. Grab and pull the crotch area towards the top center waistband section.

  3. Fold the right or left side of the underwear towards the center, followed by the opposite side. Your panties will now be in the shape of a rectangle.

  4. You can opt to fold the pair one more time to create a smaller rectangle for storage purposes.

3. The Boyshort Method

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If you're a fan or collector of boyshorts, you may be wondering how to store them efficiently. You can save space with boyshorts using the following tips:

  1. Place them on a flat surface horizontally, with the front of the underwear facing you.

  2. Grab and fold the bottom up to the underwear's waistband.

  3. Fold the boyshorts from the left to right up to three times.

4. The Thong Method

Managing a collection of thongs isn’t as challenging as you might think with the right folding method. Use these tips to get started:

  1. Lay your thong out on a flat surface, with the backside facing you.

  2. Fold both the right and left straps of the thong toward the center.

  3. Fold the bottom of the thong into the top, if possible or necessary.

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5. The Boxers Method

If you have boxers or larger briefs that you want to fold, you can incorporate the modern boxers method. Folding boxers or larger pairs of underwear that are square-shaped can be easily done with the following steps:

  1. Lay the pair of boxers you intend to fold face down on a flat surface. Ensure that the waistband in the pair is facing away from you or toward the surface itself.

  2. Fold the right side of the boxers over toward the center, followed by the opposite side. This will result in an elongated rectangle. 

  3. Fold the bottom of the boxers up two or three times repeatedly until reaching the top of the waistband. Your boxers should now resemble a square.

Do You Need to Fold Your Underwear?

Is it your M.O. to toss all your clean panties in a drawer and forget about them? While it’s not always necessary to fold your entire collection of underwear,  it can help with saving time when you’re getting ready—eliminating the need to dig through a massive pile to find the perfect pair or silhouette you need for that day. 

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If you're looking for ways to make the most out of your available drawer or wardrobe space, familiarizing yourself with popular underwear-folding techniques is always recommended.

Protect Your Panties

Folding your panties and storing them can protect them from wear and tear and fading over time. Whether you prefer barely-there thongs or traditional boyshorts, folding and protecting your underwear can also extend their durability and lifespan. 

Save Space By Folding Properly

Taking the time to fold your panties and preferred underwear styles will save space, providing more room for additional garments and accessories, such as bras, leggings, nylons, and more. This is especially true for those who usually have an overflowing panty drawer with enough underwear to get them through the month.

Organization is Key

Organizing a panty drawer makes it easier to access your wardrobe in an instant. Getting ready in the morning will be a breeze with proper organization in place. 

Additionally, you might consider folding your period panties, or lesser used undies, and keeping those separate from your daily picks. This organization strategy allows you to easily manage specialty panties, bridal lingerie, and shapewear without finding yourself confused or frazzled each time you need to find them. All of us have experienced the stress of digging through a pile of tangled underwear, and it isn’t fun.

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Revamp Your Panty Drawer

Learning how to fold underwear for drawers and any sized wardrobe will allow you to make the most out of your available space. Revamping your panty drawer with new methods of organization will rid clutter and save time while helping you easily find the underwear you're looking to wear to work or on a date night in seconds.

We hope these tips have helped you turn over a new leaf. Ready to fill that extra space? Shop the newest bras and panties from Soma® to pamper yourself with this season’s essentials.

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