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Right Size Around the Body
Your bra band should fit snug against your back and not feel loose.
Hook It On
the Center
Ideally, you should always be able to hook your bra on the center hook. If it feels loose when it's fastened at the center hook, try a smaller band size. The band should rest just below your shoulder blades. Can you slip 2 fingers between the band and the side of your rib cage with no more than 1" of stretch? Then your band width is fab.
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Overflowing Cups
The swell of your bust should
flow smoothly into your bra
cups without looking like it's
spilling over.
Get the Right
You need a larger cup size or you need to wear a bra that offers more cup coverage. (For example, switching from a demi style to a full coverage style.)
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Tight Straps
You should never have to suffer with digging or painful straps.
Loosen Your
Always make sure you can slip a finger between your shoulder and your bra strap. If you can't, loosen those straps a bit.
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Bra is Flat Against Your Chest
The bottom of the front panel of your bra should always rest flush against your chest.
Wear the Right
Cup Size
If your bra is gaping, it means the cups are too small for you. Try a cup size larger.
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One Cup Always
When one of your cups puckers or wrinkles, you probably have
an uneven bust (which is quite common).
Look for Stretch
Fabric or Padding
Bras made with foam cups or microfiber/stretch fabric will balance your size difference to perfection.
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Slipping Straps
Falling bra straps are more than just annoying. You could be wearing the wrong size or the wrong style.
Tighten Your
Without regular checkups, your straps may need a little fine tuning, or they may have just lost some elasticity. Tighten those straps on a regular basis. (You may even want to try a racerback style to see if that helps.)
Check for this
If the underwire in your bra is poking you or digging in, it's time to check a couple of things.
Adjust Your
Bra Fit
Increase your cup size or try a bra with more cup coverage. Also, make sure the band and straps are snug enough to give you the support you need.
Check for this
Both Cups
When both cups wrinkle and pucker, it indicates a less-than-perfect fit.
Try a Smaller
Cup Size
See if going down one cup size smooths things out. If not, feel free to ask one of our expert Fit Stylists for help.