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How to Build a Panty Wardrobe

Ready for a fashion truth bomb? If you only have one style of panties you wear with every outfit, you’re doing yourself a disservice. For example, there are better panty styles to work out in versus the ones you sleep in. Plus, your first layers can make or break the way your outfit looks and how you feel throughout the day. 

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This is your sign to examine your panty drawer and see what’s missing. Not sure where to start? Look to our panty wardrobe guide to fill in the gaps or refresh your outdated pairs. We’re divulging the ins and outs of perfecting your panty collection…because you should always feel beautiful and supported in everything you wear.

3 Simple Tips When Building Your Panty Wardrobe

When building your panty wardrobe, first consider these three tips as a good starting point:

  1. Think about your lifestyle and daily habits. Are you a busy mama or a long-distance runner? Do you sweat a lot at your job? 

  2. Consider your outfit preferences. Do you wear tight-fitting clothing or thin and sheer fabrics in warm weather?

  3. Don’t forget upcoming events. You might be wearing a special outfit to an upcoming wedding and need the right base layer.

How Many Panties Should You Buy?

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The amount of panties someone should own will change from person to person. If you change your panties more than once a day—say when going to the gym—take that into consideration. 

No one wants to be washing their lingerie wardrobe multiple times per week so it’s a good rule of thumb to have surplus. Also consider the specialty panties you don’t wear on the regular, like shapewear panties for unique occasions. This means you’ll likely own on average 15-20 panties. Ultimately, this isn’t a universal number as it's a personal choice. 

What Types of Panties Should You Buy?

Whether you’re on the hunt for new panties or you’re adding to your current stash, focus on variety. The key to building a proper panty wardrobe is ensuring you have an array of solution-oriented styles. Styles that are breathable, disappear under form-fitting clothing, add shaping, etc. Here are 5 types of panties every woman should consider having in her panty drawer

Panties for Everyday

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From cheeky thongs to full coverage briefs, no matter your preferred panty silhouette, your everyday panties should be comfy. Look for the types of panties you can wear all day with ease. Reach for super-soft styles, like from our Enbliss® collection, that have four-way stretch so they move with you.

Panties for Working Out

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Workout clothes tend to be form-fitting and show panty lines with ease. Are you a leggings lover? Go for panty styles that almost feel like you’re wearing nothing at all like our Almost Bare selection. They’re expertly designed with raw cut edges for a smooth, no-show look under clothes.

Panties that Stay Put

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Need new panties that don’t budge? Maybe you’re constantly chasing around toddlers or you’re always on the move. You need panties that stay in place. Our bestselling Vanishing Edge® design ensures a no ride, no roll, no show look and feel thanks to its innovative stay-put technology.

 Panties for Sleep

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If you choose to wear panties to bed, not only should they be comfortable but also breathable which is ideal for our most intimate areas. Opt for an airy fabric or blend like our Cotton Modal panties for the perfect bedtime pick. 

Panties that Smooth Your Shape

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If you have a special occasion coming up and you want a smoothing first layering, add shapewear panties to your lingerie wardrobe. Our Vanishing Tummy® panties skim your body for a stream-lined feel. Enjoy the sleek effect without feeling restricted.

How Often Should You Buy New Panties?

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There’s no definitive amount of time that any one person should get new panties. How long a pair of panties lasts depends on how often they’re worn and how well they’re taken care of. It’s possible for you to own the same pair of panties for years if you only wear them for special occasions. On the other hand, if you wear certain types of panties every week, you’ll likely need to refresh them throughout the year.  

P.S. The easiest way to give your top drawer a quick refresh is with our panty packs!

Best Way to Organize Your Panties

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Now that you’ve got a solid panty wardrobe going, you might be looking for the best way to organize them all. Turn to our guide for how to fold panties to maximize space in your top drawer and make getting dressed that much simpler.