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How to Style Leggings: 14 Perfect Legging Outfits

Leggings have become a fashion mainstay, offering comfort and many uses in all sorts of settings. Whether you’re dressing for a casual morning outing with friends, prepping for a workout session, or styling a date night outfit, leggings are the go-to option.

Legging outfits are not only versatile and stylish, but they build upon the concept of staying comfortable. Thanks to the stretchy, breathable build, leggings can keep you cozy and flexible all day long. Overall, you’re sure to find a pair that embody your personality and preferences. 

Not convinced yet? Keep reading to learn more about what leggings are and how to style leggings for any and all occasions. There are endless ways to style leggings. We’ll show you just how creative you can get with a wide range of outfit ideas. 

What are Leggings?

Leggings are a type of skin-tight, stretchy pants typically made from materials like spandex, nylon, or cotton. Fitting snugly from the waist down to the ankles, they offer comfort and flexibility. You can wear legging outfits during exercise, lounging around the house, or as a fashion statement. 

Leggings come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Some pairs of leggings showcase vibrant patterns, designs, or textures, while others come in classic solid colors. You’ll find leggings in different lengths, from full-length and cropped to capri-length, and ankle-length.

Paired these versatile bottoms with different types of clothing and create endless outfits with leggings. They are the go-to option for comfort and ease of movement, whether you’re wearing them to run errands or for a cute day out on the town. 

Are Leggings Still in Style?

Yes, leggings continue to remain a popular and versatile fashion choice. Leggings have transcended their original purpose as workout or athletic wear thanks to their comfort, flexibility, and adaptable nature. They are now a staple in everyday fashion.

As fashion trends continue to evolve, so has the specific styles and variations of leggings. They can seamlessly transition from active and lounge wear to more fashionable and formal settings. Therefore, they remain an essential item in any wardrobe. 

Different Types of Leggings

Common types of leggings

Leggings come in all sorts of different styles, tailored to specific preferences and activities. From classic solid-colored leggings to high-waisted varieties, the world of legging offers a plethora of options. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of leggings:

Cotton Leggings

Made from breathable and comfortable cotton fabric, cotton leggings offer a soft and natural feel on the skin. These leggings are ideal for casual wear thanks to their lightweight and versatile nature. Wear them as basic, everyday leggings with a variety of different tops. 

Spandex Leggings

Spandex leggings are stretchy and flexible. Spandex is an elastic material providing great support and freedom of movement. 

Their snug fit that hugs the body makes them a popular choice for athletic and activewear purposes. People often choose spandex leggings for workouts, yoga, running, and other physical activities. 

Nylon Leggings

Nylon leggings are lightweight and durable, making them a popular choice for performance activities like running and cycling. 

These leggings feature moisture-wicking properties and the ability to maintain shape even through intense physical activities. The nylon fabric offers a smooth and sleek texture, providing both comfort and functionality.

Fleece-Lined Leggings

Fleece-lined leggings have a cozy and insulating layer of fleece, offering added warmth and comfort. Perfect during colder seasons, fleece leggings retain body heat while ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. They are soft and plush, making them comfortable for extended wear.

Leather or Faux-Leather Leggings

Leather or faux-leather leggings offer a sleek and stylish look. They add edgy yet sophisticated touch to legging outfits. Made from either genuine leather or synthetic materials, they provide a chic and polished aesthetic. Transition effortlessly from casual to dressy with leather or faux-leather leggings.

Wool Leggings

For those who need more warmth, wool leggings are a great option. Made from wool fibers, wool leggings are extremely warm. Wool’s natural moisture-wicking ability helps keep the skin dry and comfortable while retaining heat in chilly weather.

Velvet Leggings

Velvet leggings are a luxurious option known for their softness, richness, and unique texture. Velvet adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Their plush feeling also makes these leggings comfortable to wear. Make a stylish and fashion-forward statement with unique velvet leggings.

Women wearing a legging outfit working out with headphones around her neck

Casual Chic Legging Outfits

Casual chic legging outfits effortlessly blend comfort with style. These ensembles combine the ease and comfort of leggings with stylish elements. They are the perfect elevated looks for everyday wear. 

Whether you’re meeting friends, enjoying a laid-back day out, or running errands, here’s how to style leggings for a casual and chic look.

Casual Brunch Look

Pull off a casual brunch look by choosing leggings with a subtle black and white striped pattern. Throw on an oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater in a soft pastel color. 

Complete the look with white sneakers for a relaxed vibe that combines comfort with street style. Opt for minimal jewelry to maintain an effortless look and accessorize with a practical crossbody bag. 

Effortless Street Style

For an effortlessly stylish street style outfit, start with high-waisted faux leather leggings. Tuck in a graphic tee and cinch the waist with a stylish belt for added flair. A baggy denim jacket adds an edgy twist while complementing the outfit’s overall vibe. 

Complete the look with ankle boots featuring a chunky heel for a trendy finish. Create a chic street look that easily blends unique elements.

Athleisure Legging Outfits

Create comfortable yet stylish athleisure outfits with leggings. Leggings are the best athleisure wardrobe piece thanks to how comfortable and useful they are. These outfit ideas turn from the gym to meeting friends with ease. 

Gym-to-Errands Outfit

Get ready to effortlessly step out from the gym to running errands. Start with a pair of high-performance leggings with moisture-wicking properties. 

This type of legging ensures comfort and flexibility during workouts and beyond. Pair them with a breathable workout tank or a supportive sports bra for a sporty yet comfortable look. 

Throw on a pair of athletic sneakers that offer support and cushioning for running errands after your workout. Complete the outfit with a cap or baseball hat and a practical crossbody bag to keep all your essentials on hand. 

Yoga and Coffee Outfit

Yoga and coffee legging outfit

Enjoy a day full of yoga and coffee by creating the perfect sporty casual look. Go for yoga leggings with a vibrant and lively print, adding a touch of personality to your outfit. Add a loose-fitting, flowy yoga tog for comfort and ease of movement during your practice. 

Throw on athletic sandals so you can easily slip them on and off for your yoga practice. Don’t forget your yoga mat bag to carry your mat in style. Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated during your class as well. 

This look combines functionality, comfort, and style, helping you maintain a relaxed vibe for grabbing coffee afterward.

Romantic & Cute Legging Outfits

Create cute legging outfits for date nights, casual outings, or simple to express your style. By combining romantic and cute elements, you can add leggings into your style for adorable and effortless looks. 

Sweet and Playful Date Look

For a sweet and playful date look, opt for soft and charming floral-printed leggings that evoke a romantic vibe. Pair them with a fitted, off-the-shoulder top in a soothing pastel color, adding an elegant and feminine touch. 

A pair of ballet flats with ribbon details embraces a playful and romantic feel. Add jewelry like a pair of pearl earrings to increase the charm of the outfit. Choose a clutch purse to tie everything together for a refined vibe. This outfit shows a delightful blend of sweetness and style. 

Cozy Movie Night In

For a cozy movie night in, pick a pair of heart-printed leggings to create a cute and comfy vibe. Pair them with a cozy oversized sweater for the most comfort and warmth, setting the mood for a relaxed evening. Slip into some fuzzy socks or slippers to keep your feet warm.

Grab a bowl of popcorn, a tasty beverage, and your favorite romantic movie to complete the cozy setup. This outfit is not only adorable but ensures comfort all night long. 

Office-Ready Legging Outfits

Blend a professional look with comfort by creating office-ready legging outfits. Office legging outfits are great for workplace settings that embrace a more relaxed dress code. Cleverly combine leggings with polished elements for these outfits. 

Here are some ideas on how to style leggings for the office:

Professional Monochrome Outfit

Get ready for work by picking out a pair of black leggings with a tailored fit. Black legging outfits are classic and versatile, making them perfect for building a professional monochrome look. Wear a crisp, white button-down shirt to exude professionalism.

Classic black pumps or ankle boots elevate the look, adding a touch of refinement to the outfit. Accessorize with a structured tote bag and simple jewelry to maintain sleekness. This outfit strikes the perfect balance between comfort and workplace approval. 

Smart-Casual Office Attire

Smart-casual legging outfit

For a professional yet stylish office look, wear charcoal gray leggings with a subtle pinstripe pattern. This has the appearance of work attire while remaining totally flexible and comfortable. Pair them with a fitted, solid-colored blazer to create a polished appearance. 

Pointed-toe flats or low-heeled loafers combine comfort with a workplace vibe. Add accessories like a sleek leather laptop bag and elegant stud earrings to pull everything together. 

Date Night Glam Legging Outfits

Combine elegance, style, and comfort for legging outfits worthy of date night glam. These cute legging outfits showcase the many uses of leggings by adding glamorous and chic elements.

Sultry Dinner Date Outfit

For a sultry dinner date look, start with black faux leather leggings to bring an edgy vibe to your outfit. Pair them with a form-fitting, sequined top to add glamour and capture attention. Wear strappy high heels to infuse a touch of sophistication into the look.

Add to the outfit with statement earrings to add a dash of sparkle. Pick out a clutch purse for a chic and useful accessory. This outfit combines the sleek look of faux leather leggings with eye-catching elements. This bold outfit shows your confidence and allure. 

Elegant Theater Night Look

For a luxurious and sophisticated look, choose velvet leggings in a rich jewel tone. Get ready for an elegant evening at the theater by pairing your leggings with a lace, long-sleeved blouse. Layer it over a camisole for an added touch of romance. 

Keep the velvet theme going with velvet block heels for a luxurious feel. Accessorize with a statin clutch to create contrast and add a delicate necklace to highlight your neckline. This outfit with leggings blends textures and rich tones to ensure an elegant and refined look.

Travel Outfits with Leggings

Whether you’re exploring the globe by air, train, or cruise ship, travel outfits with leggings strike a perfect balance between comfort and style. They give you versatile combinations for long journeys or airport trips. Always prioritize movement and coziness. 

Add chic elements to ensure you travel in style with the legging outfits described below:

Jet-Setter Comfort

Travel in style and comfort by wearing stretchy, high-waisted leggings. Leggings offer flexibility and comfort during long journeys. 

Pair them with a loose-fitting, oversized sweater or jacket for added coziness and a casual vibe. Slip-on sneakers are also a great choice. They allow for easy removal during security checks and long-lasting comfort for walking through airports. 

Bring a spacious carry-on tote to store all of your essentials. This keeps items easily accessible throughout your trip. Tie it all together with the best airport accessorya cozy neck pillow. 

City Explorer Look

City explorer legging outfit

Get ready to take on the city with a practical and travel-friendly outfit. Find a pair of leggings with zippered pockets for secure storage while traveling. Pair them with a lightweight, packable jacket or raincoat so you’re prepared for every situation. 

Choose comfortable walking shoes or sneakers, offering long-lasting support for exploring new destinations. Carry a compact backpack and a city guidebook to assist in navigating and planning your trip. 

Boho Bliss Legging Outfits

Infuse and relaxed and free-spirited vibe into your look with comfortable legging and bohemian-inspired elements. With bold patterns, layered textures, and whimsical details, these cute legging outfits offer a laid-back yet fashionable look. 

Festival-Ready Bohemian Look

Embrace festival fashion by creating a blissful, boho-inspired look. Start with floral print leggings featuring a relaxed and comfortable fit. Embrace a carefree vibe by pairing them with a flowy off-shoulder boho top.

Put on your dancing shoes, whether they’re fringe sandals or ankle boots. Accessorize with layered necklaces and stacked bracelets to add an unique touch. By combining relaxed legging with boho-chic elements, you create a whimsical and beautiful outfit. 

Beachy Boho Vacation Attire

For a beachy and relaxed outfit, start with playful tie-dye leggings. Pair them with a crochet or lace cover-up for an airy and breezy feel. Throw on a pair of strappy sandals or espadrilles, offering comfort for the beach. 

Bring out the boho vibes with a wide-brimmed sun hat and a large tote bag to pack all your beach day essentials. This legging outfit captures the essence of a beachy atmosphere. It creates a relaxed look perfect for soaking up the sun.

Find Stylish & Comfortable Legging Outfits for Any Occasion

Leggings serve as the best styling basics. Use them to create a number of styles, from business casual to sporty chic and everything in between. You can dress legging outfits up or down with ease. 

Their wide variety of materials and designs allows people to wear them in all sorts of settings and situations. You can discover a wide range of leggings. For example, those designed for performance with materials like nylon or spandex and more casual options made from cotton.

Leggings are the perfect choice of bottoms for various occasions. Style them in a number of ways to match your fashion preferences and activities. Explore our wide range of clothing, including versatile leggings, to create a wardrobe that’s flexible, chic, and timeless.